August 29, 2011

Glory to Sri Ramakrishna

Glory be to Sri Ramakrishna, excellent teacher, 
master of renunciation; glory to his spiritual companion 
Sri Sarada Devi, embodiment of supreme power. 
Glory be to Ramakrishna, who practiced loving worship 
of the divine Mother Kali, who readily takes me 
across the ocean of delusion. 
Glory be to Ramakrishna, who received sannyasa 
from the teacher of men Totapuri; and soon attained 
that divine ecstasy in which he ever remained. 
Glory be to Ramakrishna, the teacher of the entire world, 
the dust of whose feet saves me from drowning in 
the ocean of misery and sorrow. 
Glory be to Sri Ramakrishna, the embodiment of religion, 
foremost incarnation, establisher of righteousness. 
Glory be to the Great Master; Glory be to the Divine Mother; 
to all the devotees, and to all beings.

August 25, 2011

Heart's Lotus

Oh Lord, dweller within;
You are the light
In the heart's lotus.
Om is your very self,
Om, holiest word,
Seed and source of the scriptures.
Logic cannot discover you, Lord,
But the yogis know you 
In meditation. 
In you are all God's faces, 
His forms and aspects,
In you also we find the guru.
In every heart you are  
And if but once, only, a man 
Will open his mind to receive you 
Truly that man is free forever.