February 18, 2015

Sri Ramakrishna the Peacemaker

Under the gen­tle breeze of mercy,
Waves have risen in the Ocean of Form­less­ness;
Merged in the undi­vided, with­out begin­ning or end,
Thou, through Thine inscrutable power,
Hast assumed a human form.
On the side of the mind there is a realm unknown
Where nei­ther the sun nor the moon can enter,
But even there Thine infi­nite smile
Sheds its rays and lumines with charm­ing light.
Thy body is made of love
And puts to shame the God of Beauty;
And what sweet light Thine eyes bestrew!
Who­ever sees Thee longs to offer at Thy feet
His body, life and mind.
Many ages, come and gone, have awaited Thee,
But today all doubts have van­ished;
Oh, receive the gift of all I have—
I ded­i­cate my life to serve Thee!

This hymn was writ­ten about Sri Rama­kri­shna by Swami Pre­me­shananda. 
The Eng­lish trans­la­tion is by Swami Ashokananda.

An Inspiration for this Age

February 11, 2015

Swami Sarvadevananda

I bow down to the Sadguru
The spiritual teacher who dispels the darkness of ignorance.
Who is the embodiment of Brahmananda
The inexpressible absolute bliss of Brahman.
Who bestows that supreme joy on others.
Who stands alone entirely unattached.
The very personification of spiritual wisdom who has gone 
Beyond the pairs of opposites like pleasure and pain, 
Heat and cold, that characterize relative existence.
Who is vast as the sky.
Who is indicated by the great Vedic phrase of the Mahabharata, "That thou art."
Who is one without a second, eternal, stainless, and immovable.
The witness to all that arises who has gone beyond all states of mind 
And is free of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and even sattva.
To him the true Guru do we bow down in adoration.
Om, shanti, shanti, shanti