June 21, 2014

Keepers of the Earth

"What is life? 
It is the flash of a firefly in the night. 
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. 
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass 
And loses itself in the sunset."
- by Chief Crowfoot, Blackfoot Tribe

Katsina dolls are religious icons made of cottonwood root and represent the spiritual essence of everything in the world. In the Hopi language the word "Kachina," or "Katsina," means "Life Bringer". The katsina religion dates from the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, when people from the Four Corners region of the Colorado Plateau moved into the upper Colorado Valley and formed large aggregate settlements with the indigenous Mogollon or western Pueblo people. From its inception, the katsina religion helped create cultural equilibrium and cooperative behavior as immigrant and resident populations adapted to each other. To the Hopi, the katsina spirit was viewed as being responsible for the tribes survival. Without the katsinas help it was believed that water in the rivers would not flow and crops would not be abundant. The hand carved dolls were given to young girls to help them learn about their role as women in the Hopi community.  Read More

June 1, 2014

Healing Vibration

Between the Santa Barbara Vedanta Society Temple and their bookstore 
is a massive twelfth-century bell, cast in Japan, which had 
once been rigged to a Chinese military ship.

As is well known, sound has great power over matter. By using sound it is possible to cause geometric patterns to form on sand and also cause objects to be shattered. How much more powerful, then, must be the impact of this force on the vibrating living substance of our sensitive human bodies. Scientists know that sound vibration is processed in the same area of the brain that deals with feelings and emotions, thus proving music's therapeutic potential. Used by clinicians to alleviate pain, boost immunity and lower pulse rates in hospitals, harmonic sounds can revitalize and strengthen the body and soul. Today modern society has become increasingly convinced of the therapeutic benefits of food prepared with love and positive thought vibrations. Let us make use of mantras, prasad, holy sites, relics of saints and soothing musical tones to calibrate and heal, through resonate power, the remotest reaches of the human psyche.